Month: February 2012

Gel Eyeliner


  This gel-liner-hype got me. This is why I had to buy one… I didn’t know exactly if I would like it so I’ve started with a inexpensive one. I’ve  bought this one for 1,95e at a drugstore. I really does […]

Zoeva Variety Pinselset


Dieses tolle Pinselset habe ich von meinem Freund zu Weihnachten bekommen und seitdem nutze ich es so gut wie jeden Tag (Danke Baby). In diesem Set sind 40! Pinseln enthalten (Jaaa ich weiß, wer braucht schon sooo viele Pinseln? Aber […]

Avon Cosmetics


  Have you ever heard of Avon Cosmetics? I’m sure some of you guys have already seen their adverts on the Internet and so far and so on.. but have you ever tried their products? I found Avon Cosmetics on […]